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Late-Life Suicide: Secondary Prevention
Late Life Suicide: Secondary Prevention

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Late-Life Suicide: Secondary Prevention

The vast majority of older adults feel they have productive lives, are depression free, and experience later life as a time of time fulfillment and satisfaction. However, for some older adults, later life can be a time of dissatisfaction with the past and present. Some older adults experience so much physical and emotional pain that they feel hopeless about being able to change and improve their life. Consequently, for some, late life is a period for increased risk for suicide. In fact, older adults have the highest rate of suicide adults in later life in the United States.

This evidence-based guideline provides information that will assist nurses and other health care providers in recognizing at-risk suicidal behavior in the elderly by presenting appropriate and effective crisis interventions. The goal of this guideline is to decrease the occurrence of suicide among elderly individuals who have contact with nurses and other health care providers. Written 2002; Revised 2017.

Toolkit Included in Guideline:

  • Psychosocial Assessment Form
  • The Geriatric Depression Scale – Short version (GDS-15)
  • The Geriatric Depression Scale – Subscale for Suicide Ideation (GDS-SI)
  • The Cornell Scale for Depression in Dementia (CSDD)
  • The Nurses’ Global Assessment of Suicide Risk (NGASR)
  • Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC): Suicide Prevention – 6340
  • Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC): Suicide Self-Restraint – 1408
  • Knowledge Assessment Test
  • Process Evaluation Monitor
  • Outcomes Monitor