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Elder Abuse Prevention
Elder Abuse Prevention

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Elder Abuse Prevention

Violence and abusive behavior continue to ravage homes, institutions, and communities across the country--elder abuse is a part of this atrocity. The projected numbers of persons 65 years and older will be 20% of the United States population in 2030, compared to 13% in 2010. Currently, there are approximately 48 million persons age 65 years and older in this country projected to be more than 70 million by 2030. As the population ages, more individuals will be at risk for elder mistreatment. Further evaluation of elder abuse issues is required to achieve a reversal of unfavorable trends in abusive behaviors.

The purpose of this evidence-based practice guideline is to facilitate health care professionals’ assessment of older persons in domestic and institutional settings who are at risk for elder abuse, and to recommend interventions to reduce the incidence of mistreatment. Written 2004; Revised 2010; 2017.

Toolkit Included in Guideline:

  • Actual Abuse Tool
  • Elder Abuse Suspicion Index (EASI) ©
  • Elder Abuse Suspicion Index-sa (EASI-sa)
  • Elder Assessment Instrument (EAI)
  • Geriatric Mistreatment Scale (GMS)
  • Health, Attitudes Toward Aging, Living Arrangements, and Finances (HALF) Assessment
  • Hwalek-Sengstock Elder Abuse Screening Test (H-S/EAST)
  • Index of Spouse Abuse
  • Indicators of Abuse Screen (IOA)
  • Lichtenberg Financial Decision Screening Scale (LFDSS)
  • Partner Violence Screen (PVS)
  • Psychological Elder Abuse Scale (PEAS)
  • Questions to Elicit Elder Abuse
  • Risk of Abuse Tool
  • Screen for Various Types of Abuse or Neglect
  • Suspected Abuse Tool
  • Two Question Abuse Screen
  • Vulnerability to Abuse Screening Scale (VASS)
  • Elder Abuse Algorithm
  • Nursing Interventions Classification: Abuse Protection Support – 6400
  • Nursing Outcomes Classification: Abuse Protection – 2501
  • Elder Abuse Knowledge Assessment Test
  • Process Evaluation Monitor
  • Elder Abuse Outcome Monitor
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